Should I buy Youtube views and likes for my video?

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As we’ve been offering Youtube services for quite some time I often get this question. Why views and likes are important is due fact it is one of the main factors Youtube consider when ranking your videos for the “targeted” or related keywords. For example if you create a video “How to make money online” it will rank on Youtube for some of the keywords like “make money” “make money online” “how to make money online”.Let’s type this on youtube and find out what are your competitors.

As this is a very popular and saturated niche top 3 videos have high number of views,over 300 000+.Lets analyze the first video.

It has 357,741 views,10,190 likes,1m subscribers and 1,656 comments. Right away we can see this “niche” and keywords will be really hard to get into as competition is really tough. Thats why every successful project from the good keyword research. I will write another article how this is done for FREE using main tool called google adwords – keyword planner and analyzing competition both on Youtube (like we are doing it right now) and Google. Despite a high competition for this niche you can still try ranking some of the so called “long tail keywords” which would for example be “how to make money online using youtube fast”.If the competition for your video keywords is low lets say first video has 10,000 views you can easily outrank it by making a good informative seo optimized video and buying 20k views and some likes.. I think you got the idea. If the Google competition is also low your video could easily show on the first page of Google due couple of facts:

  1. Google owns Youtube and love showing relevant content and trending videos
  2. “How to do” videos have a really good potential and are favored in front of the websites with the same content
  3. Youtube itself has the highest authority domain (100) and your videos is considered as one of its pages.If you are to create a new website your DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) would be 0,and it would take ages to rank.

This is a well know fact by internet marketers,so we heavily use high DA websites like Youtube and Facebook (pages) to get traffic instead of making bunch of new websites.

If you want to rank your video on Google you will also need backlinks,thats why we made a simple solution for those who don’t want to spend fortune on SEO tools and services called Youtube video superb SEO pack. For those who want to get into SEO game seriously this is an article explaining how to use one of the best backlink building software called GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Lets get back to the importance of views and likes. If you have high number of views and likes on your video Youtube consider it to be relevant for the searched terms. However there are couple of IMPORTANT factors related to it. We are selling high retention views with a drip-feed method,which separate us from OURS competition. What does this means? High retention views means visitors spend time watching your video and I cant stress how crucial this is.In the eyes of Youtube it means your video is informative and by serving it they provide quality for their viewers. You have an analytics tab in your Youtube account tools and can check the “Watch time” for your video. If it is low (like buying cheap low retention views) you have messed up your chance of ranking that video from the start. Drip-feed means views you buy are sent over several of days or weeks which ensures it looks natural and simulate real process.If you receive for example 20k views in a day your video will probably be catapulted in the Youtube first page for any keyword but will stay there only for 1-2 days and never to recover,you’ve been busted!

Likes shows your video has quality content and should always accompany views.One of the tricks seasoned marketers know by experimenting over years are the views-likes ratio which should be accomplished and and that’s around 1000-50. What does it means? For 1000 views you should have 50 likes,100 000 views 5000 likes…

Here is our first youtube VIDEO almost 2 years old on the same subject explaining why you should buy youtube views and likes.

Do i really need to buy YT views and likes?

If you want to have successful youtube videos and campaigns the answer is yes. If you have a large number of subscribers then they can do the trick of pushing your video up.Otherwise no matter how good your video is it will sit for weeks before someone finds and watch it. Don’t get me wrong many videos goes viral without any “push” however its 1 in a million.As I’ve been in Youtube marketing for years I can tell you by just watching stats of videos (and our clients base) from all categories,like popular music videos,that even celebrities buy youtube services like these to gain more exposure.

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