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Important Trick on how to change Thumbnail on youtube video!

It’s a great thing if you have a verified Youtube account cause then you can change your videos thumbnail image. Great looking title related image will attract much more visitors then you think,thats a reason why most of the trending videos use this option. Check out the popular music videos: Some users will click just […]

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how to upload the same video to youtube

How to upload the same video on Youtube without being rejected as duplicate? [Free tool]

So in order to re-upload the same video Youtube you need to change it a bit,shorten it etc? Wrong. I have a tool with a size of 1.03 mb that allows you to do upload the same video as many times you need. What is it all about? Each file has its own hash. If […]

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Important Factors When Uploading Video To Youtube

Believe it or not the destiny of your video and profit you can make out of it could be sealed even before you start promoting it.There are several important factors seasoned marketers are well aware of when it comes to youtube videos. 1. Length of your video Be sure,even when trying to create short ad […]

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How to use GSA Search Engine Ranker to rank Youtube Videos

Due to Google updates we are being forced to change our SEO strategies,however, GSA Search Engine Ranker is still the best software for automated link building and it can achieve amazing results if used properly. While new websites usually needs a lot of time to bump into Google for the targeted keywords high authority websites (like Youtube […]

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